Stephanie Rose Lee / Massage

可愛い | Masks

I craft masks for friends and friends of friends

About my masks

Well, they’re all different. Consider them a piece of art crafted for comfort, safety, and sewn with love.

Breathable cotton. Nose clip prevents foggy glasses. Comfortable straps. Conveniently hangs around your neck. Tucks behind ears for good hair fashion. Washable. Super cute. Handmade in SF by me.


Here’s the deal

I find unique and special fabrics from a limited number of sources and sew each mask by hand in my studio. I have small troves of fabric, not yards and yards.

Venmo me $20 and I’ll send you a lovely mask. You won’t get to choose exactly which mask you receive, but trust me to put together a pleasing combination. Think of it as a surprise!

It doesn’t get easier than this

  • $20 each mask, includes shipping.
  • Pay via Venmo (Stephanie-rose-lee).
  • Include your name, mailing address and phone number.
  • Let me know if you want S (kids 7-15), M (women), L (men) and anything else that will help me design the right mask for you.
  • I’ll text you when your mask is on its way.

About Me

I have been making masks over the past couple of months for my friends and clients. Sewing has been a wonderful way to keep my hands and mind useful during these trying times. It has given me a sense of purpose and has kept me sane. I am often complimented on the quality and design of my masks and asked if I sell them. So, I’ve decided to sell them at a reasonable price to help me cover the cost of materials and allow me to keep sewing. Feel free to contact me with questions or requests. (650) 996-1807